viernes, 16 de junio de 2017

(∪ ◡ ∪) Zherezade Visual development

I put as an example , the first process in visual development  in a main character for an animated production, that many studios have. 

This image sows, how every artist must think in the design , with the aspect of her acting in the story, with some clear style that will be more in development later, then  the world she or he comes from , and the close friends,. or companions she/he,  learn to be around within  the beginning of the story.

This is an image that is the first impression from the character and her world to all  of us, this is an image we all  have in any character in any story : so it  must be successful at  selling this character ! 

This process of drawing is kinda like you where  a casting director, you must  make a decision for the role for each concept in here,  such as the sets (BG) that your production will be showing in  the story

 If this first impression does goes the right way , I can keep going with the development , in case this does not feels natural to the story , then its time to make more research and more drawing! 

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