martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

THe force of the Nature ¨ Female Ent¨

When I read on the epic saga ¨ Lord of the Rings ¨ that female “ Ent ” where forgotten, well my imagination went wild and I said : I MUST DESIGN IT! So during a famous game art world competition a fellow artist was doing some tree female design, and I said: but this is amazing!! you should keep on further your research on plants ( I have big passion on this theme ) to represent right how amazing their systems on defense and offense are....

Then; I start this amazing design that I love so much, and that has a worlds of their own already on my sketchbook hope one day you can read this great history that began all in here!
And to remind everybody that nature has a way to create that no artist can compete ever, but just to represent in our own special way! :D

I went for this last weekend to find a good place fr start our ecological project and we found it! I think....although a storm fall down where I was.. so I was stuck inside a mountain that sets all in green and blue crystal water rivers, I meant it was great and full of adventures, but communication was shot for the whole weekend! and no transport could go through that lap of days as well ! Kinda fun huh?

Take care people!!!

And to the planet as well!!

Axel :D and family!

lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

Traveling throw Mexico !

Well I had been a bit busy, since I move all over the country searching for the perfect spot to build an ecologic village where many people like me will live I am sorry for been sometimes out of internet and not replay as much as I want .... but I have great news for everybody I am developing a clothing brand that It´s created for all those whom like art and likes to look good by their body types,where size doesn't matter but rather bone structures! this artwork will explain to each men and women who to take advantage on the best way possible! So wait for it pals!!

Now a treat for all those who follow this great blog! I did this work for a comic called ¨Lost Kids¨and well I loved her from the moment I read she was a revel air pirate princess ! Since strong woman are just my type of muse for paintings matters! :D Hope you enjoy! I did a frame very much inspired on Mucha´s compositional rules, in Art Nouveau. love this type for character´s vintage look in pin up art