martes, 29 de junio de 2010

Aracnia MOSNTER SKULL© pin up

SO I CHEAT!! hahaha well to the chow contest ...meaning I end u doing the character I want it and not so much the boring rosie character.... I mean honestly people imagination knows no limits ...and unless the client pays I end up doing my own artistic will! Although some cases I do tend to please .

some few times I do ...

.... And I end up making this great dear character of mine called Aracnia from the already Tv production project in the making called ¨MONSTER SKULL © Axel E. Alonso ¨ She is part of the hideous and yet popular girl crew...and she is not even the leader...

She represents the Black Widow: her name ¨ARACNIA¨ her ability to foreseeing living creatures their time to die, she is also able to manipulate dead things to her will, ( necromancy) and to manipulate spider´s creature absorbing their powers for short periods

In :skull: Monster Skull :skull: they are the meanest girls around, she is not the leader... so take a good guess what this group it is meant to do as a team? Very frightfully fun that's for sure! MUHwAhAa!

So I was not very exited about the Rosie I was working, and several things happen in my mind that inspired me to change directions again! I need this to be fun and something I will enjoyed so I make a very inspired composition the Work of Alphonse Mucha and Art Nouveau, with the easy way to make a simple bull´s eye to frame your character, It did great for my little time that I could deliver to this CHOW since ; looks good you can add detail to describer her best on her surrounding frame and you never lose the feeling of importance on the main character! so I think fits best the bill! plus her uniform looks good in here! and I got that spider as hat as I want it!
I´ll keep working in her later! now I have more work to do! ... sorry for loading the wips all together but I had to for my short periods of free time!

entry at forum on CA link:

(edit ) I was not very pleased for time and subject on the dark theme so I went a bit lighter with the topic after all this history it´s about a young student and should be fun to watch!

Hi all I am entering to practice a bit on the great art forums on concept art called CHOW or ( character of the week ) where each week a new topic comes out and you must developed that image in the lap of that time, here it is he story:

Rosie von Kreuzberg is top student in Necromancy at the University of Dark Arts. This school has been around for hundreds of years and only the most talented students are accepted! With her talents and skills, Rosie could easily become the most powerful Necromancer in history...

Design Rosie in her student outfit! ( sound like fun to me!! )

So this is my firth impression on her, ( it´s a quik 3 hour concept ..well that´s not that fast haha! actually... )

Uniform : I went a bit modern and also with some eccentric fashion attitude on her way to wear it, I always used to wear uniforms on my past schools and I remembered ; how well you must accessorize in order to show the real you! I designed a jumper uniform with purple velvet fabric, I gave her a little symbol on the belt on the chest area, to represent the institute if dark arts, the Spider hat it´s also her well companion pet, the purple egged boots for keeping some fun texture and also make it cozy and the under lace shirt it´s for showing her skin wit out being 2 vulgar! witch I am sure she is not interested into that, since her knowledge it´s more important for her!

Powers : I was going to add the typical pentagram and spell books but I thought it will be more fun to be able to call huge dead skeletons along with evil dead demons this could show how out of the ordinary she can be and do with her great talent on necromancy! coz let´s be honest with Harry Potter he was best know for doing things out of his age expectations! so I took some reference from this point of view!

well it´s a work in progress thing, several things are bothering me on this composition, but it´s best to keep the mind open for now , and the greatest thing on digital art it´s that all can be done! So don't be shy to ask or critic anything you want! THANKS for that!

Here´s the link to see all the other entries on the concept art team! go to this address;

back 2 work!

sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

Regina Pure Goddess of the crystal

This is one of my dearest character´s on my original history called Avel. He is a new and young galactic sorcerer where he lives in an alternative dimension where elemental beings of the universe gather to create new worlds, he is responsible for the element of fire under the influence of the violet ray ( there´s 7 different color rays ) his power it´s transmutation, and his weapon it´s the unique Lemuria's mighty crystal, witch serves as an amplifier for his own magic, and a door to call from higher dimension the guardian of transmutation called the Goddess Regina, she can transmute all harmful particles of conscience ( living organism ) into pure light , see her as a filter of bad guys, or she send this being into a more popper home ( lower dimensions) recycle law, witch are all over the Universe! she may manifest her self as a ghost since her body can not longer be at presence on the dimension Avel it´s in!
Though he can call her for very limited time, since it is him whom opens the link to the dimension where she is, and that takes lot´s of magic!

Lucinda- Requium / WIP ( trabajo en progreso )

edit second part on the W.I.P better face, longer skirt...aww darn time, I need better internet and free time folks! hope you like the progress!! C´ya soon...

Algunas modificaciones en su vestuario y cara, necesito mas tiempo libre para terminar estos mini trabajos!

Hi there people, I had this request since I start my deviant art gallery from an awesome writer and fan of the good all times where a witch could just move their fingers..and BAM! you are turned into frog..or something less nicer than that! Her web character comic design will appear soon! here I am just working in a pin up for one f them, was her child imaginary friend, and she turn out to be called the Dark Queen witch called ¨ Lucinda¨ she does kinda remind me to snow white in her worst mood! I imagine that will happen if she turn out to be raised and loved by the evil queen hahaha! any ways here it´s here a W.I.P ( Work in progress) wehre she can release the souls she has taken all over her evil deeds! EXCELLENT!!! Glad to hear any inputs on her!

jueves, 24 de junio de 2010

COncept for comissions AVEL art concepts

This is a sample of what a commission will look like if they are characters in there!

The character name- Avel and his whole wide world!!! where Kofda his pet and protector, and Regina a goddess presence from another higher dimension can be summoned to clear up the battle field.

concepts and illustration om the final design on Avel and his mighty Crystal weapon it´s shown here!

martes, 22 de junio de 2010

The Shadow Syndicate- Thor´s Assassin Comic

more updates on the color concept of Drath his original version had green on the wings and armor though I changed a bit I guess the final result will depend on Thor A.

This is it! the main concept for the composition on the poster where the 5 members from the Shadow Syndicate will appear! I am kind aplseased with them.. I thought I was going to crop them more, but I think I do not need to make them in the cliche portrait closeups, since that will give more importance to some of them ... what do you think?

Well some concepts for the villains of this great world created for those whom are fan of the Nordic mythology, more about this fantastic journey please visit his web page !


I have 5 Concepts since the members are in this terrible number aligned!!

NEW ( update)
The King of Fight and able to teletransportate him self for short distances to other dimensions as increase his size at will!! named the terrible ¨ Steinn¨

NEW ( update)
The Dark Lord ¨Krisium¨ he may do anything whit out light´s presence, so beware for his blood thirst ! he can call dark minions and he posses one of the 5 elements to call for the terrible Fenrir beast! the feather of a crow or raven ...I wonder what´s the difference?

NEW ( update)
The master mind and best player of getting his victims trapped in torture, genius and inventor called ¨Alan Hawk¨ he uses lot´s of steam punk gadgets, so makes a cool look all over him!

The Fire breather and winged demigod called ¨Drath¨ color coming out next... and some sirius damage on fire around!! just think demoniac dragon when it comes to him!

The Ocean terror from the deeps called ¨Gooroen¨ I need more space on her canvas to show the webbed hands and feet, as well to make some teletrasportaion water hole in the air where she is coming from!

THEY ARE ALL HERE NOW TIME to Polish them with luove! ;)

lunes, 21 de junio de 2010


Well this time I did work for a comic called ¨CONTRACT¨a very SFI theme meets the cowboys, and I kinda disagree with violence so I gave them my touch of magic, hahaha did not win But I am so glad to be part of it! since I meet great artist and gain such great experience! all wins in my account! :D

Hope you like them and check out that great comic if you are interested P.M, and I can gave in more info!


Bien esta vez me toco ser parte de un comic llamado ¨CONTRACT¨donde mercenarios en una era sin políticos y donde todo es mercado, ser asesino a sueldo es un trabajo honrado, estos 3 chicos hacen en el trabajo limpio en lugar de ser seducidos por las bajas morales de otros, y por eso decidí tomar parte de ellos en esto! Aunque no gane un premio, por no tomar muy violenta o sexy mi contribución, y aparte rediseñarlos jajajaja! UPS!! Algún día cambiare! UFF! Pero gane grandes amistedes en arte como el ganador que fue mexicano y eso me dio mucho mucho gusto!!! :D

Espero les guste para mas info vallan al link de arriba donde regalan comics gratis en linea!!!


viernes, 11 de junio de 2010

Mayan Comander!

Well long time no see! This is an old one! But I love to portrait strong woman images, and she is what it should be the type of a Mayan and Toltec commander from an army legion on this beautiful mythology! did tons of reference on archeology files with professionals on this topic, was quite an experience to learn so much about my culture, and to be able to create for her outfit and interpretation of character, on what the expectations of the culture she defends and represents! her staff calls the God of death ¨PATCHUL¨ always represented by a white face, and the animals and tattoos of beast and such around her armor are to represent the GODS! witch came to our earth in that shape!

THE Concept was a bit experimental, on how many details of shapes I want her to have...

HOPE YOU LIKE IT! I know has many details, but it´s meant to be like that! for a more mature audience! Since the topic its worth of this level of work!
More from her world I create will come!

Thanks for watching friends and artists pals, cheers!


El boceto fue solo una experimentación de lo que hace su figura junto con los elementos que quería añadir en sus representaciones y siluetas! Espero lo disfruten y mas de su maravilloso mundo saldrá en mi portafolio!