sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

Lucinda- Requium / WIP ( trabajo en progreso )

edit second part on the W.I.P better face, longer skirt...aww darn time, I need better internet and free time folks! hope you like the progress!! C´ya soon...

Algunas modificaciones en su vestuario y cara, necesito mas tiempo libre para terminar estos mini trabajos!

Hi there people, I had this request since I start my deviant art gallery from an awesome writer and fan of the good all times where a witch could just move their fingers..and BAM! you are turned into frog..or something less nicer than that! Her web character comic design will appear soon! here I am just working in a pin up for one f them, was her child imaginary friend, and she turn out to be called the Dark Queen witch called ¨ Lucinda¨ she does kinda remind me to snow white in her worst mood! I imagine that will happen if she turn out to be raised and loved by the evil queen hahaha! any ways here it´s here a W.I.P ( Work in progress) wehre she can release the souls she has taken all over her evil deeds! EXCELLENT!!! Glad to hear any inputs on her!

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