sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

Regina Pure Goddess of the crystal

This is one of my dearest character´s on my original history called Avel. He is a new and young galactic sorcerer where he lives in an alternative dimension where elemental beings of the universe gather to create new worlds, he is responsible for the element of fire under the influence of the violet ray ( there´s 7 different color rays ) his power it´s transmutation, and his weapon it´s the unique Lemuria's mighty crystal, witch serves as an amplifier for his own magic, and a door to call from higher dimension the guardian of transmutation called the Goddess Regina, she can transmute all harmful particles of conscience ( living organism ) into pure light , see her as a filter of bad guys, or she send this being into a more popper home ( lower dimensions) recycle law, witch are all over the Universe! she may manifest her self as a ghost since her body can not longer be at presence on the dimension Avel it´s in!
Though he can call her for very limited time, since it is him whom opens the link to the dimension where she is, and that takes lot´s of magic!

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