martes, 22 de junio de 2010

The Shadow Syndicate- Thor´s Assassin Comic

more updates on the color concept of Drath his original version had green on the wings and armor though I changed a bit I guess the final result will depend on Thor A.

This is it! the main concept for the composition on the poster where the 5 members from the Shadow Syndicate will appear! I am kind aplseased with them.. I thought I was going to crop them more, but I think I do not need to make them in the cliche portrait closeups, since that will give more importance to some of them ... what do you think?

Well some concepts for the villains of this great world created for those whom are fan of the Nordic mythology, more about this fantastic journey please visit his web page !


I have 5 Concepts since the members are in this terrible number aligned!!

NEW ( update)
The King of Fight and able to teletransportate him self for short distances to other dimensions as increase his size at will!! named the terrible ¨ Steinn¨

NEW ( update)
The Dark Lord ¨Krisium¨ he may do anything whit out light´s presence, so beware for his blood thirst ! he can call dark minions and he posses one of the 5 elements to call for the terrible Fenrir beast! the feather of a crow or raven ...I wonder what´s the difference?

NEW ( update)
The master mind and best player of getting his victims trapped in torture, genius and inventor called ¨Alan Hawk¨ he uses lot´s of steam punk gadgets, so makes a cool look all over him!

The Fire breather and winged demigod called ¨Drath¨ color coming out next... and some sirius damage on fire around!! just think demoniac dragon when it comes to him!

The Ocean terror from the deeps called ¨Gooroen¨ I need more space on her canvas to show the webbed hands and feet, as well to make some teletrasportaion water hole in the air where she is coming from!

THEY ARE ALL HERE NOW TIME to Polish them with luove! ;)

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