domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Energy God WIP

Well I had little time this week .... ( work like crazy bee on concepts ) ! I moved just the last week again, I moved in the past 2 months inside this new city around 3 times already! Not to mention this is a new city for me as well since I just move into Querétaro México! witch is beautiful by the way, I feel like Kiki delivery service movie when she moved into a colonial and old city ! (no sea though in here) :D I kinda missed that since I ´d been living in Canada and the USA for the last 10 years! So it´s good 2 be back at home!

Now I am also trying to get my local artist into moving towards the game production process since animation and game development here at Mexico it´s pretty new though I find so much talent in here that I must teach and give them whatever I can in order to help them reach their goals! I personally had to move outside my country in order to get this and it´s great that today this in no longer a necessity …unless you want it off-course! ;) but not need it desperately as I did! haha :p

So you will see me helping out all this Mexican talent artist towards the competitions since I know they are very new and they need direction! since creativity is something that no one can help but we can get better at practice with our techniques! That is what at least in my student years I need it as well!

SO I may get overload with tons of concepts I hope you enjoy , and help them as well if you can!

THANKS! and thanks for the support you bring as well just at looking the art and commenting
at it!

Sincerely your friendly Mexican neighbor AXEL!

now I did did concept overnight ! just to get something to keep moving forward towards mi ultimate God or Goddess design!

I present to you God of energy ( I used lots my God of wind and fire reference for his concept )

sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

Nuevos RE-diseños de Alumnos! DWV

Algunos rediseño en WIP ( work in progress)

los siguentes DIOSES:

-DIOSA del CHAOS-& -DIOS del SUEÑO- por Regina

- DIOSA del FUEGO- por Diana (dicugo)

-DIOS de la VICTORIA- por Arturo

-DIOS del ZODIACO- por Ramón