jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011


Un Pequeño Tutorial de como lograr rápidamente un retrato con motivo a nuestra señora la muerte mejor conocida como “La Catrina” este ensayo no tomo mas de 4 horas y su trabajo terminado se apreciara en un libro para niños ^_^!

Espero disfruten :

-sketch digital y pintura hechas con tableta wacom y software Photoshop CS3 :D


In Mexico day of the death it´s all about to celebrate our ancestors and to gave them some of their special favorites placed on a table with their portrait this is called ¨ OFRENDA¨ and it has the decoration made of cut paper, sweets and wine, and favorite Mexican dishes, a very important part will be the traditional flower of the death called ¨ Cempasúchil¨ it has this great orange hue that I love!! and ¨pan de muerto¨ witch is an special bread made with butter, orange flavor and sweet milk , it´s so yummy! also it is costume to get poems with death related topics that will rhyme with the word ¨CALACA¨ or skull, since the main character here , just like Santa Claus is on Christmas, in Mexico for the day of the death will be ¨CATRINA¨ that is a female representation of the death, she always wears nice things, love to dress up! and she also enjoys cigars, good wine, and good food, not to mention parties ! haha! So well you may get some strong influence on first Walt Disney, and then obviously Tim Burton´s work from this character and some of their friends! but it all start it here! ..not to mention that Aztec love the decoration with skulls! ^_^!! Since for us death it is something worth to celebrate! ... well at least the old traditions..the religion obviously thinks different haha!

So for this holiday I decide to go for ¨CATRINA¨the oldest monsters there is since it´s the personification of the death! But CHIC!