jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011


Este trabajo para diseño editorial de ilustración para cuentos de niños de parte de las “hadas” y bueno es una escala de muestra de como se trabaja el diseño de estos carismáticos seres que crean belleza a nuestro alrededor y nos enseñan a ser mas sensibles con nuestro planeta!

miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

Comics en Linea

Los trabajos que se hacen en estos tiempos para portadas de comics en linea ^_^
Debo añadir que trabajar con estos clientes siempre es grato cuando el comic y su diseño de personajes dan un interes común con el artista ! Otras veces esto no sucede mas sin embargo el reto esta en dar lo mejor de uno, y gozarlo con diversión y buena vibra!

viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011


Una vieja creación mia traida a la vida ya que nunca e pense capaz cuando empecé de terminar el render de este personaje ahora me doy cuenta que solo era cuestion de valor en la brocha ! ^_^!

Y claro que me dio gusto el reencuentro con esa mujer tan hermosa! Y con una historia que aun intento no revelar !

como nota : Este personaje me abrio las puertas a un cliente que no pensaba que le fuse a gustar trabajo e tan resiente experiencia que tenia cuando lo realice, esto nos enseña que el trabaja es el que habla por el arista y no tanto su gran técnica!

jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Green Lantern Corps - Power of Will

Este es mi color de anillo ! Asi que no se metan con él! muajajaja! bueno me gusta el de la tribu Indigo tambien!!! ^_^!! Pero son un poco cerrados de mente y eso no va con migo!

Okay! so This would be my color choice of ring personally, since well my main power it is imagination and the will to use it! I was going to do Kyle Ryner green lantern corp, but he looks way much better as a dude! and Hal jordan and his exy superman wana be hair it´s more suitable to be a woman! hahaha! and if he will become a girl I am pretty sure will be the same as our fav pink lanern corp and love of hs life ¨Sapphire¨! since they are so equal! so it was no surprise he turn out so smexy tetxy! !! Now since it is the corps that use more any type of energy control since it all depends on the user ! well a powerful enchantress will do good here as a unique green corp such as Hal Jordan does it in the galaxy or in this case inside a Fantasy Land!

Hope you like it? ^_^ If not ......

(>u<) / well begin to ..coz it´s a wrap folks ! hahaha!

(U_U)Not really you can comment anything you like if you´d like! ^_^!

BlueCorp- Hope- ELF Angel Armor SKETCH/ final

Well I have the final sketch here... I need know to decide what will happen in the final composition...and if I need another 2 corps or not just to be save I will post them as well!

It kinda bother me the fact ( not any more ) That looks as if I did a re´design of ¨X-men Archangel since it´s blue and well build ) but I must say did not cross my mind till now HAHA!! ^_^! And Had to laugh to my self for that little detail!

miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

BlueCorp- Hope- ELF Angel Armor

This is the color test of my Blue Corp Lantern:

He represents hope, and since he is a redesign of ¨Saint Walker¨ whom his skin was like all in different patterns and very pale..Well I though an elf it is a perfect excuse for having this role in the fantasy land... A magical armor that illuminates with hope the battles... and since blue lanterns they can always fly no matter what ...well I said to my self Axel : wings it is ! hahaha!

I have the final sketch just need to clean it up! post it later after lunch break ! I am off to bed !!

Edit:New one!

martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011


Here it is yellow corp designed for a Fantasy theme world : The retrospective in this will be be : What if Sinestro is an evil corp recruiter for the forces of evil? How can we beat that ? !! My thoughts: where go for the change of gender and race but follow the cute red skin and personality of believe in nothing that just power haha!!! Following this main rules I did the concept of the design of ¨SINESTRA¨ combining my imagination very much inspired with the good concepts from the worlds of Zelda and Lord of the Rings !
Goblins are fun! hahaha! ^_^ They look evil and cute when they are mad!! besides they can only be in a history of fear motifs ! And I love evil girls, so I had to make it fun for me as well!!

Comicon 2011 |FANTASY theme- Lantern Corps

Remember my initial 80´s inspiration ...Well Forget about it ! No time to get that topic as I want to ...but basically I will follow the idea of team and multiple character design...I just need to get my attention in one and then make the other look pretty for her or him!!!!

That´s why I am doing the lantern corps, just imaging them in a fantasy land , where fierce warriors and powerful magic take place !!! not just medieval but you know RPG type of game very much a great fantasy land! where everything is multicultural and mythological ! So as long as the belong to a race and a type of fighting ..they can do it here !!

And lantern Corps got so many options!!! so check the thumbnail and tell me what you like if you please... mean time I will work on some other characters...pretty much black and white lanterns!!