jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Green Lantern Corps - Power of Will

Este es mi color de anillo ! Asi que no se metan con él! muajajaja! bueno me gusta el de la tribu Indigo tambien!!! ^_^!! Pero son un poco cerrados de mente y eso no va con migo!

Okay! so This would be my color choice of ring personally, since well my main power it is imagination and the will to use it! I was going to do Kyle Ryner green lantern corp, but he looks way much better as a dude! and Hal jordan and his exy superman wana be hair it´s more suitable to be a woman! hahaha! and if he will become a girl I am pretty sure will be the same as our fav pink lanern corp and love of hs life ¨Sapphire¨! since they are so equal! so it was no surprise he turn out so smexy tetxy! !! Now since it is the corps that use more any type of energy control since it all depends on the user ! well a powerful enchantress will do good here as a unique green corp such as Hal Jordan does it in the galaxy or in this case inside a Fantasy Land!

Hope you like it? ^_^ If not ......

(>u<) / well begin to ..coz it´s a wrap folks ! hahaha!

(U_U)Not really you can comment anything you like if you´d like! ^_^!

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