martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

Comicon 2011 |FANTASY theme- Lantern Corps

Remember my initial 80´s inspiration ...Well Forget about it ! No time to get that topic as I want to ...but basically I will follow the idea of team and multiple character design...I just need to get my attention in one and then make the other look pretty for her or him!!!!

That´s why I am doing the lantern corps, just imaging them in a fantasy land , where fierce warriors and powerful magic take place !!! not just medieval but you know RPG type of game very much a great fantasy land! where everything is multicultural and mythological ! So as long as the belong to a race and a type of fighting ..they can do it here !!

And lantern Corps got so many options!!! so check the thumbnail and tell me what you like if you please... mean time I will work on some other characters...pretty much black and white lanterns!!

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