martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

THe force of the Nature ¨ Female Ent¨

When I read on the epic saga ¨ Lord of the Rings ¨ that female “ Ent ” where forgotten, well my imagination went wild and I said : I MUST DESIGN IT! So during a famous game art world competition a fellow artist was doing some tree female design, and I said: but this is amazing!! you should keep on further your research on plants ( I have big passion on this theme ) to represent right how amazing their systems on defense and offense are....

Then; I start this amazing design that I love so much, and that has a worlds of their own already on my sketchbook hope one day you can read this great history that began all in here!
And to remind everybody that nature has a way to create that no artist can compete ever, but just to represent in our own special way! :D

I went for this last weekend to find a good place fr start our ecological project and we found it! I think....although a storm fall down where I was.. so I was stuck inside a mountain that sets all in green and blue crystal water rivers, I meant it was great and full of adventures, but communication was shot for the whole weekend! and no transport could go through that lap of days as well ! Kinda fun huh?

Take care people!!!

And to the planet as well!!

Axel :D and family!

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