jueves, 22 de junio de 2017

\(;゚∇゚)/ Grey Jedi Princess

Well I am an 80´s kid! so Star Wars its on my childhood memory ,and lucky for me also worked in it later on! 
But I want it to make something out of the usual context !  that wont be the characters and stories that Hollywood always does to play safe! 

So I need a protagonist I can relate to, and also to be a different strong woman... This is why I made this alien Princess, she was trained by her sister´s father as a Jedi , but then her aunt  turned an inquisitor in order to survive with the empire,  so she is now able to get more the knowledge by their two branches, the way in which  the grey zone of the force is, meaning she is not all is white or black type ..but more to work towards what makes more sense in the universe for the time she is there, she has an unique staff that has 3 Jedi crystals, its a weapon of her own invention, and her companion :"Votzy" its her little reminder of doing whats in the agenda for her to earn the respect she needs to recover her kingdom!  

hope you like her, coz I have the whole crew all set up already ...

When I do fan Art! since I write and make up fantasy worlds of my own! I rather use something completely new that could fit into the franchise or brand, that I am using for inspiration rather that just draw what its hip and trend! This practice help me lots to learn more into my flexible points toward various designs and point of views !

This wont be a full render art, rather than just a visual development to get that style  I am looking for the production! 

.。゚+.ヽ| ゝ∀・*|ノ。+.゚ Hope you like her! 

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