martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Villains fast concepts sketch

Well This are my last fast sketches ... I really need to get a fast idea on the direction like I keep saying and I rather expend a short time in this experiments drawing them so then I can get a better result when I do meant to get time on it!

For the villains in this I keep it simple:

Gen. Malaise : I need a commander, a good military soldier, that can take any order and see it done! no eye, no cute assets, just raw and bad as it gets!

Hugh Jigo: Billionaire, and a super fat, bold and communist good speaker guy! with several wrong issues for thirst of power and good cover history to get him know is the bad guy but can´t prove it!

Now I can go to get all characters and explaining them in drawings easily their proportions !^_^! and some concepts perhaps later of their sketches ...

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