lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

HONEYPOT concepts

This is the must easy character for me, since sensuality and tempation are easy trades on any of my designs, I guess ugly concepts are the rare thing to me to do ... But given the right project bad guys can be fun, since we all need villains to get us stronger on life ^_^.

Now for spy characters and double agents I need to get a good image of them since they must blend well on any circumstance. and they need o get the attention of the target in order to get the information, also they need to be hard to read...

I Went for the Yellow color mainly because any good character need a color that stands out on their image and separates them from the rest, also because explains great the “Honey” concept and gold and sweetness witch can be always a good way to attract flies and deadly if you have to much of it! ! I do like this character has so much potential.... But I do rather seen her as a feminine seductive woman with the same taste for choosing her weapons, like golden weapons and elegant guns.

Hope you like her design so far.. and the concepts that help me to understand better the character I designing ^_^!

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