lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

Ian Solitaire Protagonist

Well This was fun since all the girls on my work get the first opinion, on what would they think is the perfect American dad' and rebel strong international agent look can be best for him ?, so I must say white hair IAN S. wins by far, they all love it! as so did I!Since gives to him that special look that stand out since we all know the brunette James Bond look, and the classy blonde “Brad Pitt” look, but none of them seem to be right for the descriptions since “Archer” is a bit more of a rebel , so I rater give him a silver mood into is concepts, more slick and masculine to me, and the red tie for adding that hero effect on the screen! In the design I came also with the thought of : when I am playings game I dislike having the black suit when all the other guys look the same.. I kind of rather have that “ look at me for the last time ” design on heroes ! They are always memorable ...

Thanks for reading ! and hope you like this fast sketches that will help me out to get a better result to the end of the designs if i get an ”ok” on this direction ^__^

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