miércoles, 12 de mayo de 2010

PANDA DESIGN! witch means talk!

Hi There !! ^_^
well lot´s of animals....this is for a project called PANDA witch means talk in italian, and that´s pretty much all I can say so far, the idea it´s to make a cartoon pet , in different approaches to get him talk with others. firstly they thought just one, then I orginezed better the sketch where if you have one character talking, means he or her will be in touch with some one else, so I expanded that idea a bit further. and this is why there´s a bunch of guy talking !

Hope you enjoy it! Let me know witch one you like best? ok?


The winner will have a proper beauty work, like I said this is just a concept so the lines and colors must be quick, easy to read and very simple at this state!

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