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HECHIZO DE AGUA - WATEr SPell - ( envoûtement d'eau )

Wizards and Witches of the Water- Magos y Brujas de Agua - Magiciens et sorcières de l'eau

This will be is a long category, with many mermaids, tritons, and fish people alike! They represent many beauties of magic on the Oceans and the Water Worlds, and their history has been not known as it should! This is why I want to take some of their power and show them to you!

The paintings have all a different history. Let me explain shortly : since I was a little boy, I want it to be a marine biologist, although I always have been good on water sports, and my passion for the ocean was clear, I felt that the people´s need for my to serve was to show them with art the grace and harmony that this worlds like others inspire to me, and how I never felt it as another world, but like part of my own, since I don't believe that separating your self from something makes it better, but incomplete....

So this beings have all of them a part of me and a part of this world, that means they are magic, power of nature, and harmony of water with the element , what inspires me it is all those great moments! like when you can see a coral growing, a seahorse under a camouflage , a turquoise ocean color when the sun touches in that precise moment where the sun passes through the wave, or a shark whale having a break from a long journey while it takes some direct light of the sun! I do hope you get some of this!

Enjoy the work in progress! while I explain a little of what I do for taking some of this magic into my brush!

Here I can show you my 1sth wizard of the Salty waters called !

¨ALKOR ¨ W.I.P ( work in progress )

Sea Horse Master, he alone contains the strength and noble art of creating with the mighty coral staff all creatures that can travel trough time, their shadows of existence when they pass trow time and water are little shaped bubbles that are better known as sea horses!

¨ Oxum & Orca ¨ The meeting !

This is just a pretty scene where Oxum better known in the Brazilian mythology folk culture, as the mistress of sweet water, always representing the gold and a mirror for beauty, her sister is Yemanja, although she is the ocean. Oxum has a pet here called ¨Pearl¨ and it´s a baby sea white dragon!

Orca it´s from a very far land, he belongs to the Triton family( mer-man ) he has a companion fish called ¨Metatron¨ and he is king of the ice castle on the Irish Oceans!


It´s a powerful wizard, he may create other merman folks, from bubbles and dreams, and he collects the dreams of those whom have fallen in love near water, this element combined with his magic, does great things!!

¨FROEL¨ W.I.P ( work in progress )

He may bring light to those whom live far from the sun! He does have a very large fish tale, that creates water waves all over the ocean , this paths will show to the lost one from the sun to find their way to light!

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  1. Hermosa inspiracion y geniales resultados

    Me encanta ver los detalles de Oxu y Orca (y esos colores) pero en general creo que mis personajes favoritos son Ondina y Froel y lo que representan

    Es dificil no imaginarse que exista algo magico y desconocido en el oceano una vez que se ha contemplado uno de sus atardeceres