martes, 2 de mayo de 2017

┗|⌒O⌒|┛ Loras Tyrell- Knight of the Flowers

He was a nice  and popular fellow. Also a  noble Rose of high garden that knew how to play his cards in the shadow of the wealth from his family, unfortunately he was always prey of his own emotions, and this was his downfall. His strength was to be united with love, and once he lose that aspect, he was already losing the game. 

 In Tarot he will represent the Lovers. Since his relationship never showed a good future, but it did show  in him with Renly, the must  passionate and intimate relationship they could ever had. 

Aspects in the story that I did like: Was how he was able to persuade his will on Renly  Baratheon , showing in him a stronger side as a couple to be united than separated with their objectives. 
But in the books he is not doing so well .. neither on the T V series. o(╥﹏╥)o

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