jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

Los Dioses del Antiguo Mundo parte 1

Aquí presentando Dioses y Diosas con poderes naturales y elementos específicos, estas deidades son las que cuidan el balance de ellos, estan cada uno de estos siguientes conceptos muy orientados a sus deidades originales, sin embargo les he dado vida propia con mi imaginación y lo que yo interpreto como conciencias representativas de la humanidad y sus fuerzas naturales! Estos diseños son para mi solo la primera fase de experimentación … Comentarios y opiniones siempre sin bienvenidas!

This is the representation on my first glance into the realm of Gods from the old Hispanic World, though I know for this challenge I do need to kick them out of the stereotypical era, ( something I did try to pull out but not to drastically it´s modern effects on them) I did not went to far, so I can first just to give you all and myself a clear idea to where my concept it´s going for .

I feel It´s very important in order to create a character to feel and know before anything else the world where they come from, when you know this, the design process is way more easy everything and anything becomes proper to their needs and task that your character may developed , and the audience clearly has an opinion at first impressions with out second guesses! At least that´s my goal right now!

Do let me know anything that pops at your head or opinions about it! I am sure I will gladly use all your knowledge…



MORE CONCEPTS WILL COME I need more elements !

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