miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

Concepts Of the GODS part 2

GODDESS OF WEATHER ( Snake Goddess )

COMBO TIME : meaning from request I am doing an all elemental Goddess that may represent the snake figure as a huge elemental power where:
  1. Fire from the sun can be produced from the top head snake
  2. Winged snakes of Water cover the side of her head creating any shape of water she needs (witch is great since can be defensive or offensive this type of power ) Wohoo!
  3. The snakes from her back can order wind and thunder to move to any place… meaning tornado and hurricanes are an easy task to this snakes!
  4. She is protected by an armor made from heavenly snake scales as well they are all inspired by the god of all elements called Quetzalcoatl

  • DONT FORGET that snakes in Hispanic culture represent power, wisdom of the elements and divine right! not to mention magic !
  • I have no idea yet if I must keep going with this concept ? So do let me know your doubts and suggestions!
  1. And last I did a little quick try on a very easy concept to me to like: witch is God of Nature!

  1. And some thumbnails to create an interesting subject Goddess! with 3 possible domains: Water, Woods and Wind I just did a W topic hahaha!

Good seen you guys! Keep up that Imagination Working!

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