lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

I present you a next generation of Disney Fan Art!

Well I did some work on Disney and I would like to portrait my passion for villains and faeries that´s pretty much al I like form the movies with them, never bought the idea on animals acting like humans to be honest I love animals way to much to make them look like that ! hahahaha! I can be so mean some times! BUT I AM NOT! I promise! Just some times to direct & honest! Witch its never politicaly correct .....

ANY WAYS!.... Les preseto ! A MALEFICA....!!!! AAHHHHH! UUHHHH! fue en regalo de mi para mi ( A present for me 2 bdays ago) I loved sleeping beauty ( de la Bella Durminete) the best movie artistically speaking ever made by the Disney studios, I don't think they can repeat this level honestly! ( no creo que ouedan repetir esta joya de animacion y arte otra vez estos estudios)

there´s here just a preview go see the hole image at my gallery! At :

over cartoon category

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