lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

Faeries redisigning with Axel approval quality! Rediseñando las Hadas!

Y ahora les dejo el rediseño de las Hadas de Disney que aunque me encanto este nuevo mundo de Tinkerbell ( Campanita) no me agrado en NADA su diseño de vestuario o personaje en general ! estas nuevas hadas carecen de todos los elementos que la naturaleza nos da inspiración y del cual ellas son encargadas de crear y cuidar y por lo consiguiente REPRESENTAR! es por esto que rediseño su mal lograda imagen y pongo ante ustedes lo que se lograra en mi portafolio con estos también nuevos diseños!

So lately Disney Faeries can be everywhere right! well I kinda like the approach on the tinker bell series where they take care of the nature BUt I totally don’t like their costumes and hair-dos! They are awful! it´s just not very nature like to me…. I much rather best the classic one so I rather go and do some redesign to show my opinions on this matter since I loved plants , I am a strong Ecologist activist on Earth friendly art! And can relate easy with faeries since I am doing some books about them… ( currently not on sale they are only collector edition maybe later I could throw some more news about them)
And my comfort zone in animation based character design it´s always been villains since they are way to easy and fun to portrait, because they are so unreal ! So faeries it is 4 me ! maybe I can make princess or a handsome prince but I am way to fashionable on this gals so you could be overwhelmed by this designer in that concept hahahaha! ^_^
And darn it ! I feel like faeries today!

So here is my 1sth try this is based on an interview I gave to some friends of mine with question that can relate to their personality and likes or dislikes to what will happen with the 1sth laughter when this becomes a fairy !

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