jueves, 23 de marzo de 2017

≖‿≖ King of Diamonds-Rey de Diamantes

Montage's Leader can get energy from others easily, thanks to  his unique skills that possess the diamond eye , this  artefact glides at top of his crown head piece, and can shoot energy blast to his will,  He does not have much to fear at battle , the swords he wears,  can move freely at his mind command, they can make tricks that no other weapon at Verona can, such as heal his armor,  or create ice where they hit. The Diamond King its well known from his enemies as the "Thunder", since his body moves faster that must beings in his world, he is half vampire and half machine.
He controls the best energy tech in his world.

 It is his kingdom that has the must elaborate tricks to get energy from unique sources in the ocean called" Light Pearls" , were only their energy  can  manipulate gravity. Witch makes it one of the must expensive materials in their world.  

The only  thing he wants more than his family success over the other 3 main clans, its to get his hands on the Capulet´s technology that can make A.I, like no other industry can. Only then he may be able to destroy the Emperors rule over his goals as the main leader in the future world.


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