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( ̄▽ ̄)ノClaudia´s Dolls

Well off course they are very cute or handsome dolls ! Since they are made to get the best results with their abilities, and they are very handy to Claudia's secret agenda  ~(=^・・^) ヾ(^^ )

Claduia´s doll have human proportions, so they will look like other humans, or vampires as well, but in reality, we know they carry one thing that makes them best against the dark creatures, and that is blood, they have absolutely none ...

Let´s not forget ¨Why she needs the dolls?  
  1. She is an infant vampire, meaning: She has no sexual appeal at all, to catch the attention of her adult preys like other vampires can so easily, so she need the seducing part from her doll Veronica, I am sure he will be hard to resist 
  2. Her strength is not that great, neither it is for her female dolls, so the strong male part must be covered as well with Lambert´s abilities for hard fiscal tasks.
  3.  The perfume abilities, comes from the example that the natural body is able to create pheromones: this ones make more attractive or unattractive the aspect on quemestry on the living organic body , she has none, she is death,  so she needs that ability from Rosette as well.
  4. The people or the others, are not always guarded with other people, they may rather the company of pets, and since Claudia´s essence for other animals may spoil the sport that comes from her feeding habits, Betty´s skills come to her use in specific tasks as well.
  5. Claudia loves music, and a fascinating voice to go with that talent must be the perfect match for her lonely days, She even used to have a bird reemeber? The doll Emma has that lovely voice, along other useful resources that come with that art. besides its a long range attack.
  6. Well  this was the hard one to get it right : The healing factor its always a must on any team on role playing games, and I rather see the herbal attributes that comes from the Chinese medicine, that our main character will find it more useful for thing like poisons: and ancient dark remedies, things that her dolls or victims may need, and having a herbal Chinese old men doll, will seem tastefulness for our spoiled Claudia, so I think she is more willingly to make her collection towards the must expensive doll that you can have, one made out of china from an ancient royal dynasty like the Ming´s artwork, and should be cute and young like the last emperor ¨Puyi ¨ (perhaps he could be the real thing, but he was  turned into a doll by an evil spell ) 

First here are the sketches :

Just the male dolls are left 2 show .. so maybe Friday ! ...O_O I hope I can get some time!
And I will have to ask to you guys:

 Witch ones you rather see on the final illustration?(*゚.゚)??

since If I add em all, could be to busy, and I rather have your favorite ones in a better spot inside the composition along Claudia´s awesomeness ...

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