lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

Creation Goddess WIP

Well I decide to make the mother of all GODS since after all they all need some home ! and she is HOME! also meaning she creates the homes to everybody or may destroy them as well! ( evil laugh) OHhooohooo! I want it to make Goddess that can be the salvation of al or the latest punishment to all as well! SO pretty much what a real holy being should be all about and not just a silly monster ...that's like a pet for them n my opinion!

and all this crazy idea start it with me mixture from the Water Goddess and the Weather Goddess so let me post the beginnings first so later you can see why I came out with a different design with some takes on each design from them!

I must say I did this sketches with my color pencils while I was in moving! Since also I just got connected in the internet yesterday I can post some more now after work! ^_^HAVE FUN! it´s the main thing!!

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